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Walden Internet Villages is the integrated living Environment of the 21st Century

Our Westchase location can be considered the original Walden Internet Villages (WIV). Launched in 1997, WIV-Westchase was the first Integrated Living Environment in the USA and perhaps the World. Wondering what we mean by Integrated Living Environment.?

 Imagine a home of the highest quality, crafted with the highest standards of design; both aesthetical and practical. Then, set that home within a lush tropical garden-oasis reminiscent of the hidden paradises found in the world's most hidden jungles. Finally, add a 100 megabit switched network that enables you to communicate, collaborate and contribute with your employer or with family and friends, all from the comfort of your home, fully enjoying your designer living space and your garden oasis. That's our integrated Living Environment. That's Walden Internet Villages at Westchase.

Whats unique about our Westchase Location?

Being the first Walden Internet Village, our Westchase location has blossomed into a vibrant and unique community of about 130 computer enthusiasts, business professionals and technology specialists.

What do we mean by community, you may be asking? Simple. People are neighborly. People work together, play together, hang out together. Why? because they share the same interests, same passions, same professional interests. That's what our community is all about, the coming together of like people.

There is a lot of rhetoric about how the Internet brings people from far and wide closer together. but in today's city life, for many there is no stranger person than the one who lives next door. We think that's wrong. We are uniquely using the Internet to bring people who are close together geographically closer together socially. We seriously doubt that any residence in the world (other than our other locations ) can make that claim.



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What goes on at Walden Internet Villages?

While many of the residents at Walden Internet Villages share a passion for computers, they use them for many different things. Some for design and multimedia, some for programming and some for composing music. Whatever their talent, Walden has an environment that encourages them to share their skills and even combine them.

Such is our desire to foster collaboration, that we have undertaken a project to create a Walden Internet Villages Café. With this café, residents will have access to a modern, yet cozy, lounge to sip coffee while surfing; a spacious hi-tech computer lab with 40 100 megabit internet connections to our burstable OC3; a coffee and beverage bar to satisfy their java and snack cravings; and multimedia theater with a 200" screen to watch movies, internet broadcasts, and, of course, Star Trek and the X-Files.

OK. "So how do i move in?" you ask. why not have a look at our floorplans and some of our more detailed information regarding our Westchase location such as our features, amenitiesbotanical gardenshome-office solutions and  floorplans and pricing.



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